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The Submission Master seemed different (tighter, legs crossed, arms straighter, et. al.) than in your video when he arrived. Is he different?

The Submission Master in the video is structurally identical to the one you received. As explained below, he will loosen with some use and is created the way he is to allow for that to happen. 

A common occurrence for any grappling dummy is loosening. The material filler inside has potential to compress when bent repeatedly. 

The Submission Master is intentionally stuffed very full and tight so he loosens up into the correct pliability, rather than starting loose and becoming too loose in a short period. 

The Submission Master’s lower legs were somewhat crossed “indian style” when he arrived, rather than flanked out to the side. Is this normal? 

Yes. If you train between the Submission Master’s legs (inside guard), the legs will naturally flank out more to the side. He is created with them turned inward so they don’t turn out too far with use. 

If desired, you can also cause the legs to take on a more flanked out position by laying him on his back and working his legs apart. You can also store him in a “sitting up inside the guard” position in between training sessions. 

I’m a big person and the Submission Masters legs seem too close together for me to work in between his legs. What do I do? 

As stated above, the legs are going to loosen somewhat, giving more room between the legs. You can cause the legs to take on a more flanked out position by laying him on his back and working his legs apart. You can also store him in a “sitting up inside the guard” position in between training sessions. 

The Submission Master arrived with his arms straight forward, rather than bent in a bear hug, when he arrived. Why? 

As above, the tendency is for the arms to loosen. After you have worked with him a bit (arms bars, etc.), the arms will loosen naturally and will be pulled inward toward the bear hug position by the bungee cord (see below). You can additionally tighten the bungee if you desire the arms to be pulled in tighter. 

What is the purpose of the cord? 

The Submission Master has a bungee cord that runs along the body, across the chest from arm to arm. (Not pictured in photos, but is in place during all the video on this site). It is a simple but clever mechanism to enhance his functionality. 

The bungee cord pulls the arms toward the bear hug position, rather than allowing the arms to fall out to the side. It ensures that the arms will return to position quickly so you can concentrate on repetitions, rather than having to reposition the arms after each tactic. 

Depending on your preference, you may want to place a long-sleeve shirt or gi top on the Submission Master that will cover the cord, although this is not necessary. 

What Is your Return Policy? 

We encourage you to watch the Instructions and Tips video carefully prior to making your purchase so you know what to expect with your purchase and how to correctly use the Submission Master. 

However, if you are not satisfied with the Submission Master, you may return him during the first 30 days from the date you received him.You will be refunded your original purchase price, minus a restocking fee of $95 (unless there is an obvious significant defect from the factory.) The product must be returned in new condition. 

Due to the high cost of shipping, we are unable to pay return shipping should you decide you do not want to keep your purchase and you will be required to pay return shipping charges. Please contact us prior to return shipping for shipping instructions. 

Your account will be refunded your original purchase price minus the restocking fee upon our receipt of your return shipment.

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